5 Mistakes Women At Making love According to Men

Women sometimes make mistakes while making love which can damage these beautiful moments. Here are five mistakes made by women during intercourse, as viewed by men.

1. Women Not Many Know

"My wife was laughing when I told him at the top where I want to be touched and how to satisfy me. He thought it was funny, but I think it is not. He did not seem interested and did not want to find out," once a complaint of a man, as reported by the Handbag.

What these men complained of is true. Women need to understand their partner's body, where are the points that could make the libido goes up, whether she likes to be touched in the passage and other matters.

Supposing the same sex is like typing. You can sit in front of the keyboard and only use two fingers. But of course your ability to type will not be as good as they are typing with 10 fingers and participate les typing.

So, try to find clues about the male body and sex. You can get it through books or the Internet. Once you know the science, practice, so knowing whether science can be applied to partner or not.

2. Mind Reading Men Can Expect

"I asked my mate if she gets an orgasm and she said no. I asked him why and he said, because she liked oral sex and I do not give it. He said if I love him, I should know if he wants it," complained another man.

Once again, the man's complaint would have a point. Men are not mind readers. Just because he already knows you so well, that does not mean he knows what the contents of your mind entirely.

Not a few women who think their partners know what they want. In reality, not all men understand. So, when I make love just say what you want and do not hesitate to ask him to fulfill your desires are.

3. Only the spirit of the New Currently Married Sex

"We just got married, my wife seems very eager to make love. But after some time together, as though he did not want it anymore," said a husband about a wife who has been married five years.

Complaints man can be understood. Women can indeed be tired of making love when those moments are too predictable, or so-so only. When bored, she certainly will not enjoy it and it's hard to get orgasm.

While the men, they never seem to get bored. Only with a few small touch, he can simply get the libido for sex.

To you who experience this boredom, do not despair. There are many ways to overcome sex seems to have become routine. For example, the suggestion of the author of 'Sexual Pleasure: Reaching New Heights of Sexual Arousal & Intimacy' Barbara Keesling. He recommends that you change positions. According to Barbara, with little chance of missionary position only women to reach orgasm. You could try the position called coital alignment technique (CAT).

This technique can only be your spouse only, namely by lifting his body slightly upwards so that the bone pubisnya touching your clitoris area. This scientifically proven to increase pleasure.

Want to know how others cope with boredom in sex? Please click here.

4. Only Men Only the 'Works'

Some women feel no job is to initiate intimate relations. Women also think men should make the moment of making love to run smoothly.

The presumption women over men so complaint. Men feel women should also be responsible for the affairs of their sex life. When he penetrated for example, women should not just be quiet and not doing anything. Men also want to be hugged or touched.

Men are also no problem if the woman who controls the foreplay. Nothing wrong as well if you are to penetrate first. If you want to make it the more fascinated, with whom he's having sex when she really did not expect you to take him.

5. Too Paranoid

"My wife was afraid of having sex with the opposite position because it makes her stomach look fat. He also does not want woman on top position for fear that her breasts look weird," complained a husband.

As a woman, do you ever feel paranoid that complained of by the man above? If so, remember, most men really do not care about their partner's body shape, as you fear.

"Do not think about the fat in the abdomen or makeup on your face," said dr. Ruth Westheimer, PhD, a psychosexual therapist and professor at the University of New York, as quoted by WebMD.

"Men want their wives to free himself while making love, and this would not be possible if she worried about her physical appearance," added Les Parrott, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University, while emphasizing that women are more confident.

source : wlp

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