Spine Cancer Alert Before Being a Victim Ferocity

Bone marrow cancer or multiple myeoma who suffered legendary singer Frank Sahilatua in the category of blood cancer that attacks the immune system center.

This is one of the world's rarest diseases. Imagine only 2-3 people per 100,000 people who may be exposed to this cancer. The cause and the cure was not found.

The disease is mostly found in men and women with a ratio of 3:2, blacks more often affected than whites, and are usually found at the age of 40 years. Cases in patients younger than 40 years under three percent.

Recent studies have not confirmed the cause of this spinal cord cancer.

But there are some risk factors for the development of myeloma, such as exposure to chemicals or germs, changes in gene and obesity.

Spine cancer is very rarely encountered. Cases of cancer of the spine of the most common are metastases, ie cancer originating from other parts of the body and spread to the spine. When cancer spreads, or originated in this region, usually affects one or more parts of the spine.

If someone develops cancer of the spine, either primary or secondary, it will show different symptoms of the disease.

Primary bone cancer in the spine are rare. Cancer in the spine can cause destruction of healthy cells of bone patients. Cancer tumors not only damage the bones of the spine but also damage the spinal cord sufferers. Symptoms of bone cancer in the spine include pain, broken bones and numbness or weakness.

Symptoms and development
The most common sign of cancer of the bone in the spine is pain in the neck or back. The pain will be continuous and accompanied by other symptoms. This pain can be just in the back, can also spread to other limbs.

Development depends only on the location of abnormal growths. If the cancer is causing a small amount of inflammation and irritation, the pain usually remains behind.

If the cancer is pressing the nerve, the pain diffuse out to the "branch" agencies. No matter the source of pain, cancer of the spine cause chronic discomfort.

Cancer spine can also cause incontinence. These symptoms are very similar to the weakness, because the pressure on certain nerves in the spine that is responsible for controlling the performance of the bladder and intestine.

If the impulse is interrupted, can cause a person to lose control of their bladder, bowel, or both.

The development begins with the growth of cancer cells plasma cells, which is one part of the white blood cells in bone marrow abnormalities. Plasma cells in normal conditions is required, because it produces proteins called antibodies, as part of the body's immune system.

In patients with myeloma, plasma cell exceed normal levels. Of the five percent plasma cells that should exist in the bone marrow, in patients with this cancer can measure two-fold.

These abnormal plasma cells do not just stay in the marrow, but also on other body parts, and often found in the pelvis, ribs, and skull bones-because it is called multiple myeloma. Antibodies produced increases, too.

Abnormal antibodies accumulate in the blood or urine, occasionally found also in areas other than bone, such as in lung and reproductive organs. Fraction of abnormal antibodies (Bence-Jones protein) is often collected in the kidneys, damage and trigger kidney failure.

In addition, patients experiencing anemia, since normal cells producing red blood cells in the spinal cord displaced by abnormal cell. Blood thickens (hiperviskositas syndrome) also can affect blood flow to the brain, skin, fingers and toes, and nose.

Along with the development of cancer of the spine, a person may suffer from paralysis. Depending on the severity of cancer, paralysis can be isolated to one limb.

The size and location of growth determines the amount of paralysis, because the cancer can get to the point where the nerves seemed to break or lesion has been formed on the nerve itself.

Myeloma treatment such as chemotherapy are done these days is limited to prevent or reduce the symptoms and complications, slow progression of the disease, and destroy the abnormal plasma cells.

In addition to chemotherapy, stem cell therapy (stem cell) is known as a means of reducing spinal cord cancer. Cancer who had lost it would appear again

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