Assisted by Yahoo, Bing Tried to drag Google

Since its inception, Microsoft make search engine Bing to compete with Google. Although still far away its market share, Google's Bing consistently undermined, particularly in the United States market (U.S.).

According to Hitwise research, Bing in March 2011 holds 30% market share in the U.S.. This is an increase of 6% from February. Increased Bing assisted Yahoo Search, which since August 2010 in the U.S. quest didayai by Bing. This makes the search via Yahoo entered the market share Bing.

On the other hand Google a slight decline, although still very dominant. Their current market share of 64.42%, dropped from 66.69% previously.

Quoted from PCWorld, Wednesday (04/13/2011), achieving 30% market share by Bing considered significant. Consistently increased their market share, Google is likely to decrease.

Indeed if you view the online search market share in the U.S. in September 2010, Google still holds the market pie and Bing 72.15% 23.64%. And now, that number has changed with Bing creep closer to Google.

Mashable technology site even try to do the calculations. If Bing consistently increased market share and eroding Google each month, so Bing could topple Google in early 2012. But it should be remembered that the data and predictions are only coming from the United States alone.

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