Details Wedding Dresses & Accessories Kate Middleton

 Kate Middleton wearing a wedding dress and accessories that are simple on the day of her marriage with Prince William. Want to know the details of dress and accessories worn Kate? This is it.

Kate dress designed by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house. The dress is made with the help of various creative people in the UK. For the lace on the bodice, made by hand by the Royal School of Needlework. Lace is made with a special technique called Carrickmacross. Every detail of interest is formed of lace and tulle are combined with ivory-colored silk to create unique designs.

Lace is used for the bodice and skirt is a British and French lace. Lace is also used under the layers of dress. All the elements are combined in a dress by Sarah Kate Burton with a hand.

As for the train or tail, according to the Royal Wedding, length is 70 cm. While veilnya made from ivory-colored silk tulle and decorated with embroidered flowers underneath.

Veil is placed under a tiara that is used Kate. Tiara was named 'hello' and made by Cartier in 1963. At that time, tiara was bought by The Duke of York to be presented to his wife. Tiara was then given to the mother of Queen Elizabeth the Queen's birthday on the 18th.

In her marriage, she looked wearing a pair of diamond earrings. Reported by the Royal Wedding, Earrings, designed by Robinson Pelham. Diamond earrings the shape of oak leaves. Earrings are made for appropriate dipadupadankan with tiaras which used the wife of Prince William. Anting was actually a gift from her parents for the wedding of the princess.

Robinson Pelham is not just designing jewelry for her. Kate's mother and younger sister, Carole and Philippa Middleton also wearing the same earrings with the bride.

For shoes, she wore shoes made by hand by a team of Alexander McQueen. Shoes were made of ivory-colored satin with an embroidered lace detail by the Royal School of Needlework


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