Lakers finally qualified for Regional Semifinal

Los Angeles Lakers were finally able to conquer resistance medioker New Orleans Hornets team to qualify for the semifinal round of the NBA Western region. Lakers win 98-80 in the sixth game the NBA playoffs on Friday (29/04/2011).

Previously, the Lakers and San Antonio Spurs to two seeded teams eliminated from competition threatened win NBA title. Hornets could rival the Lakers 2-2 in the fourth position dengann first pertadingan playoffs.

Fortunately, the care team Phil Jackson was able to rise up and beat the Hornets in the next two games. Finally, the Hornets must submit himself from the NBA's defending champions in their own cage, the New Orleans Arena.

Lakers show mental champion by dominating the match in front of his opponent's supporters since the first quarter. Kobe Bryant's ankle injury that has been recovered successfully scored the highest, 24 points followed by Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom each packing 16 and 14 points. Players mainstay other Lakers, Andrew Bynum scored 18 points and 12 rebounds.

Meanwhile, mainstay Hornets forward Trevor Ariza who performed brilliantly in the fifth game, unable to repeat the success and only able to score 12 points. Likewise, Chris Paul is only able to pack 10 points for the Hornets.

With the victory, the Lakers certainly qualify for the semifinal round of the western region as well as the opportunity to defend NBA title she won last year.

Now, stay San Antonio Spurs who still have to fight for a position in the semifinals because today is still lagging from the Memphis Grizzlies 2-3.


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