Sony Back Production of Blu-ray Disc End May 2011

After had been halted by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, Sony eventually plans to return to produce Blu-ray Disc, at least from the end of May.

Quoted from PCWorld, Thursday (28/04/2011), today, Sony factory that still can not operate only in the city of Sendai Technology Center Tagajo. Some are also affected by the earthquake can be reactivated.

Previously, damage to the Sony factory is a production base of the video tape, Blu-ray Disc, and some data media products, could disrupt the supply chain for products such as HD camcorders.

Sony also plans to move the location of production of some products made in Tagajo, to another factory to speed up marketing of which had been halted.

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last March 11 was big impact for manufacturing companies. Not only Sony, several other companies such as Canon, Toshiba, and Fujitsu also experienced the same thing.

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