Guest Invitations forbidden 'twittering' at the Price William and Kate Middleton Wedding

The wedding guests who will attend Prince William and Kate Middleton seems to have harbored a hobby 'tweet'. The reason, in the area it will installed the signal blocker technology.

Given this decision, the Twitter users do not have to hope there is a 'chirp' about the course of the marriage ceremony.

As quoted from Mashable, Thursday (4/28/2011), the idea was proposed by members of the royal family and approved by the police and security forces.

About 2,000 guests will attend the event which took place in Westminster Abbey this. Because of that, many here fear there are some guests who 'sing' through their smartphones and publishes a variety of information from the marriage.

According to Yahoo, the police will start blocking on Friday (29/04/2011) morning, to finish the event.

Weddings, titled Royal Wedding it was allegedly going to be one of the most luxurious wedding of the century. Google did not miss to broadcast it live on YouTube

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