Facebook Open Secret Data Centers 'Green' to the the worlds

OREGON (News CAIRO) - Successfully designing and building new data centers that save energy in Oregon, up dividing the recipe tech 'green' data center is that the other Internet-based companies.
Up hope, if there are more companies that build data centers such as hers, it could cut power consumption in a very large amount.
The latest data center up, located in Prineville, Oregon centers, United States (U.S.), claimed 38 percent more efficient in energy use compared to industrial energy efficiency standards. Reportedly, the company cut costs by 24 percent by this data center.
The scheme and design of the revolutionary data center up this will be available for the entire world.
"We divide our data centers and server technology that is more efficient to anyone who is interested in using it. This effort we call the Open Compute Project," said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, reported The Seattle Times.
"We found that there are many things not needed, given the mass manufacturing. So, we change it to make it more suitable for social applications, "he said.
"We're trying to assist development of ecosystem where developers can easily build a business first," he continued.
Hardware Design Manager up Amir Michael, expressed a similar opinion.
"We do it all, and feel this is not just for our own. So we opened it for the community on a large scale," says Michael.
Meanwhile, according to VP of Dell's server platforms Forrest Norrod, inexpensive data center means the initial cost of internet was cheap.
Draft up really advanced since the design is simpler, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, said Weston.
"I think this will be the largest reduction in the cost of server infrastructure that never existed in the last decade," he said
Companies or institutions that have expressed interest in adopting the technology up among U.S. Department of Energy and pembesut Zynga gaming social networking.
As Advanced Micro Devices, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Intel, in collaboration with up in the development of this technology.

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