Not Able to Win in Libya, the United Kingdom Ready to muster Army Pay

LONDON- It may be in the near future will be delivered to the Libyan mercenaries to help the rebel forces. This is because confidence in British military leaders that the war against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi can not be won only by relying on air strikes.
The senior commander told the Prime Minister David Cameron that the rebels are outnumbered and less well organized in order to overthrow Gaddafi without a supply of new weaponry and military expertise of a professional.
Therefore, they proposed sending a high-cost mercenaries to train and lead the opposition forces headed to Tripoli to fight and end the impasse.
What is so calculated, taking over Tripoli will not need to be done to force the Gaddafi away. If the insurgents were nearby, Gaddafi must negotiate to reach a ceasefire and seek a political solution with the opposition.
"It's clear that we can not win the war from the air," said a military source yesterday after tomorrow (6 / 4) local time. "We will hit the target from the air and their (mercenaries) will do their work on the ground."
Colonel Gaddafi himself was believed to have hired more than 10,000 mercenaries from Chad, Niger, Mali and other African countries. According to the British plan, Qatar and United Arab Emirates will be asked to send military trainers to make the rebel forces are better prepared.
Arab countries will also pay the ex-Special Air Service personnel (SAS) and United States special forces who work for private security companies to train and lead the opposition forces. Although maybe they will not officially connect with the rebels, dozens of personnel may be given a special permit that allows them to do personal battle beneficial in Libya.
They will also act as the controlling air assistance, call an air strike to clear the way for the rebels towards Tripoli.
Actions that will answer criticism from the rebels who called NATO a lot less do to stop the invasion forces Gaddafi.
The plan marks the possible escalation of the war in Libya and led to speculation that the British were trying to avoid a UN ban which does not permit the deployment of ground troops.
A number of senior source said, "examples" that the plan is the way Western experts to help the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to the Taliban seized Kabul in 2001 under the umbrella protection of coalition air forces.
This time, the UK and the U.S. refused to send agents of the CIA and Special Forces allies, who had helped the Northern Alliance, to help the rebels Libya.
The reason, intense media coverage for 24 hours in Libya will make them impossible to disguise the presence of Western ground troops. But, the commanders wanted to send mercenaries to help boost the power of rebel forces before combat situation mussels resulted in a ceasefire.
The source said, "A ceasefire can not be avoided. What remains a question mark is the time of occurrence, whether at Gaddafi superior, or when rebels superior. At present such circumstances. Choosing the right moment and win, it needs to be done. We will not send ground troops, but we could use a military contracting company and ask (the countries) Arabic to pay. "
Military officials said the rebels are not able to beat back troops to Tripoli Gaddafi as the number of rebel troops are trained very little, while that is not trained in the hundreds and close to a thousand.
Gaddafi has lost some of his soldiers who defected. But, he still has a very superior force and can summon up to 40,000 people are members of the militia to support him. Adequate military training could boost the number of rebel and change their outlook.
The commanders are confident that with a month of training, then the rebels will get enough military supplies to rush to the capital and increase pressure on Gaddafi to reverse.
It is believed that the dialogue has been started in Qatar, the main military contributor to the rebels, about how to help the rebels and increase military and financial support from Arab countries.
A small number of military advisers who speak English, is believed to be former SAS personnel working for private security companies, already visible in the rebel headquarters in Benghazi with the guise as a technician.

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