Sugar Scrub concoction, The Sweet Make Soft Skin

If stretched, the skin is the largest protective organ covering the whole body. Its presence is also showing signs of aging are obvious, such as wrinkles. Many ways to refresh your skin in the morning. Take advantage of refined sugar as a body scrub to nourish the skin, combined with lemon juice.
Substances in lemon juice can remove dead skin cells and make skin look brighter. Not only that, the scent of lemon can also raise your mood.
Increasing age, not least among women who hide leather hand which began to fill wrinkles. To overcome this problem, limit your intake of sugar into the body.
Sugar not only to control weight but also keep the skin always look younger. But on the other hand, according to Carefair, sugar can actually be used to conjure the skin becomes more smooth and shiny, with sugar body scrub.
As the name implies, sugar is a key ingredient in sugar body scrubs. Effective sugar for exfoliation (peeling) that works to gently lift dead cells without irritation, even on sensitive skin.
No wonder that today many beauty products that utilize a combination of sugar, oil, and other additional materials to create wonderful bath products nan. Not only produce products containing very good for the skin, but also has a fragrant scent.
You also can mix their own sugar body scrub at home. It is very easy, you just need to mix the sugar, a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a few drops of essential oil. After that, rub on the skin when you shower.
To make the herb is also quite easy to scrub. The following materials and how to make it, as reported from Self.com:
Material:- 1.5 cups granulated sugar- 3 tablespoons olive oil- 2 large lemon
Method:1. Pour sugar in a bowl and add olive oil little by little. Do not mix too much oil, in moderation. Make sure the texture of sugar still feels and stop adding oil when the texture becomes a thick paste.
2. Cut the lemon into two pieces, then squeeze. Mix lemon juice with sugar and olive oil.
3. Potions ready for use. Apply to entire body before the bath while rubbing gently. If there was still some herb, you can store it in a sealed container.
Body scrubs are not the only products that use sugar. There are several other cosmetic products that also contain sugar, such as lip gloss, which adds a sweet taste when you 
rubbed on the lips.
So from now on, use of sugar in your kitchen cupboard to get the best benefits for skin beauty. Granulated sugar is believed to lift dead skin cells. You also will find a smooth and healthy skin, like a baby.

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