Greenpeace urges Facebook More Environmentally Friendly

Although Facebook claim to have made major eifisiensi newest data center, an international environmental organization Greenpeace is concerned that alone is not enough to assess.

Greenpeace is calling Facebook for more 'green' by not using coal energy to power the data center and operations company.

In the action in front of the office Facebook in Silicon Valley City, Palo Alto, United States (U.S.), Greenpeace set Facebook a large computer screen to display a variety of comments that are streamed from around the world. The comments are similar, that ask for Facebook to join the energy revolution.

"We want them to 'unfriend' energy coal and 'Like' environmentally friendly energy," said Greenpeace spokesperson Daniel Kessler, to borrow the term 'unfriend' and 'Like' is used on Facebook.

Last week, Facebook announced the company managed to build data centers more efficient and energy saving. Social networking giant is even a recipe to share technology 'green' data center is that the other Internet-based companies.

The latest data center Facebook, located in Prineville, Oregon center, the U.S. claimed 38 percent more efficient in energy use and able to make the company cut costs by 24 percent.

"The efficiency that they made ​​was amazing. But that's not enough. They also have to care about coal energy. If we do not stop burning coal, we will not stop climate change," Kessler said as quoted by the AFP and quoted on Thursday (04/14/2011).

Greenpeace claimed that their protest to record Facebook Guinness World Record. Within 24 hours, on the big screen no more than 65 thousand responses commented that supports Facebook to be more environmentally friendly.

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