Party Beer There will not be in Prince William - Kate Middleton Wedding

Couples Prince William and Kate Middleton could say is the young couple, though both are the 'face' royal family. However, this does not mean there will be 'beer party' in the party after their wedding ceremony loh!

Reportedly, Prince William prohibit beer for the guests presented their wedding invitations. The reason is, because beer is considered 'no class' to be presented before the Queen. As a substitute for beer, invited guests consisting of the nobles, tycoons, and celebrities will be treated to champagne and wine.

"There will be no beer. Of course, beer is the drink that is not worth presented by the presence of the Queen at events like this. They always intend to present a classy party. They also have to choose their own food and beverages will be served,"said a sources in The Mirror.

As reported by Splashnews.com, there will be some snacks are served as hors d'oeuvre party guests, such as quail eggs wrapped in salt and celery, a typical Yorkshire pudding in mini size, as well as roast beef and mini sausages.

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