Wedding, Not Discourage Prince William Mission to Afghanistan

Prince William's life after married with Kate Middletonein the near future this will not hinder determination to serve in Afghanistan, said a source close to the prince.

Although the prince is not allowed to take part and participate actively in a war zone, he is expected to submit an official request to be assigned in Afghanistan next year.

Prince William previously expressed his disappointment because he was not allowed to participate in the war, although his younger brother, Prince Harry, had served in Helmand province in 2008 together with the Household Cavalry, as reported by the Telegraph.

In the middle of the possibility of Prince Harry could go back to Afghanistan in 2012 by flying Apache helicopters for the British Army Air Corps, wants Prince William to serve on the battlefield may be more passionate.

Last year, the prince who will soon be married, said that he was "determined" to fight in Afghanistan. Some sources claim that the prince's marriage will not stop his ambitions.

"Nothing has changed since he (William) to express his views. He was well aware that he was not the same as his younger brother, but he still wanted to carry out their duties," said a source close to Prince William.

"He very wants military duty. Unless he says the opposite in public, then that became his ambition remains to run the task in Afghanistan," added the source.

The military top brass rejected the idea to include Prince William in the battle for fear of his safety.

While stationed at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Prince William has been doing a dangerous job when flying the Sea King helicopter in challenging conditions and close to the mountains and rocks. Tour with the Squadron 22 will last for two or three years, that means he will continue at the end of next year or in 2013.

Ministry of Defence said: "We are not willing to comment on the delivery of individual personnel in the future."

William previously claimed to understand, but do not agree with the reasons that restrict themselves to duty.

But, the prince confessed still confident will get the opportunity to serve in Afghanistan.

"There are a number of the quite valid argument for the ban (on duty), but most of it exaggerated," Prince William told presenter Ben Fogle from Sky.

William said he did "a massive effort to defend" his military career.

"I love it," said William. "I like flying. I can not wait to do the job best. However, military life, public, and I personally carried out alternately, and it's hard.

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