BMW X1 Fail Released in America This Year

German car manufacturer, BMW again delay the launch of the X1 crossover models in the United States until late 2012. That's because the strong market demand for X1, X3 and redesign plan is greater.

According to the CEO of BMW North America, Jim O'Donnell quoted by Automotive News, sales of the BMW X1 is very good outside the U.S. market, so supply is running low. Previously, models of BMW's compact crossover was launched in Europe in November 2009.

Initially, BMW plans to launch the X1 in the U.S. earlier this year. However, due to the problem, the car manufacturer based in Munich, Germany was postponed until the end of 2011. Furthermore, the BMW management in Europe and the U.S. report, they again postponed the launch until late 2012.

O'Donnell says, "X1 will be the best car in the United States with estimates of sales of less than five thousand units per year," he said.

He added, it has been redesigned X3 which went on sale in January. So far, the X3 has sold 5710 units in the first quarter, an increase of 1355 units from the previous year. Overall, the BMW X3 sold 6075 units in 2010.

Furthermore, O'Donnell explains, this year X3 sales could reach 25 thousand units. X3 ie record sales in 2004 which amounted to 34,604 units. "It was the best sales from previous years," he concluded


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