5 Quick Tricks Sex Satisfactory

The flurry of work to make you and your partner often forget the sex session. Sex is considered as an activity that requires time-consuming and exhausting. Eits, wait a minute do not regard sex as a boring activity.

Change your game and your partner by making love in a flash, or the so-called quickie sex. Reported from Health, the survey results indicate that most of us would prefer to have sex less than 15 minutes.

Despite progress with the fast does not mean not satisfactory. To make the moment more exciting sex quickie, follow these five tricks that was launched from GoodToKnow.

Tell a mate
For the moment did not take long to make love with foreplay. Before performing the action bed, let your desire to partner by sending a short message. Say what you want later when having sex. Tell also detail and color of lingerie that you'll wear. Guaranteed, passion will rise and can not wait for your beautiful moments together.

For some women, get your sex drive is not an easy matter. In fact, that his sex drive key of quickie sex. The solution is to fantasize about sex.

Know the parts you like
Women have points on the body stimulated. Do not hesitate to tell partner to stimulate it. Usually part of what makes women horny fast is neck and breast.

Stay wear clothing
Another trick that can add to the atmosphere more exciting quickie sex is still wearing clothes. According to studies, men can be more excited to see a woman with half-opened clothes than women without any piece of clothing.

Use a sex toy
Using a vibrator can be a good idea to have an orgasm in five minutes. Vibrators are not only used to stimulate Ms. V you, Mr. Happy couples also can feel the vibration sensitivity of the vibrator. Put a vibrator on her nipples and genital area. Guaranteed you and your partner will enjoy this quick sex session.


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