Domain Management '. com' makes the Hacker As 'Internet Police'

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the parent address management institutions tails '. com' announced that it has raised hacker veteran Jeff Moss to be their new head of security.

Moss, formerly known as Dark Tangent, the founder of the Black Hat computer security conference and the event popular hacker gathering, DefCon, which is held annually in Las Vegas.

Moss, as reported by the AFP will begin to occupy seats in ICCAN his new position on Friday. He will fill the position as Vice President and Chief Security Officer.

"I think none of whom have a greater understanding about the security threat to Internet users and know how to defend against them compared to Jeff Moss," said Director of ICANN Rod Beckstrom.

Rod Beckstrom said that Moss has a deep knowledge that can only be gained from the experience of the war against cyber threats, which is still ongoing. Moss to be a hacker for 20 years.

She has worked at Secure Computing Corporation and the security services division in the business services company Ernst & Young. "I look forward to bringing my skills to ICANN," said Moss.

"My role to coordinate the delivery system to the global Internet address means I have a position of leadership in identifying and dealing with online threats against the Domain Name System is at risk approximately 2 billion Internet users worldwide," lid Beckstorm.

Domain Name System or the domain name system is the place where the world's Internet address is registered and was instrumental in allowing users around the world connect with other online computer


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