Know 4 Secrets of His body if You Want your Spouse Excited

What makes a man excited? When is a man happy to make the party? Find out the answer on the following four male secret.

Reported by Glamour, behind her, a man saves a lot of things that you can browse while making love.
Here are their secrets:

Secret 1: Prime Time Men for Sex is in the Morning

Sex seems to never be separated from the male brain. They are also ready to make love at any time. But actually there was one time that he likes to have sex with a partner. When it is in the morning, when hormone testosteronenya are high.

Tip: To make love to her in the morning, turn on your alarm a few minutes faster than the time you wake up. Prepare yourself for a moment and then wake the he. Your partner will not refuse your offer to do the 'Sports' pleasant morning together.

Secret 2: Two Aroma That Can Arouse passion

Forget your favorite perfume. According to researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender scent can enhance your passion. At least there is increased blood flow approximately 40% to Mr. Happy as he kissed the two aroma.

Tip: Occasionally, it would not hurt you to try pumpkin pie recipe. You can also menitip a friend who went overseas, pumpkin pie-scented candles. Light the candle and wearing lavender scented lotion. When the second fusion smell that scent, he will wonder why so very excited.

Secret 3: Men Pumped nipples When Touched

For men, the nipple is also one of their sensitive point. When the nipple is touched or inhaled, he can immediately aroused.

Tip: When to give foreplay, use your fingers as if making a circle on her nipples. Do it with a light touch. What is done will stimulate passion. You can also use ice cubes. After making a circle with stones of ice, use your tongue to give him satisfaction.

Secret 4: Do Men Have Hidden Point stimuli

To make passionate, you already know the point where in his body to be touched, such as chest, lips and neck. But now, why not try to touch on the new points. Touch your partner's body parts that had probably forgotten, like behind the knees or ankles. The he was not going to thought it was part can be excited.

Tip: If later you and your partner was making out while watching television, a light touch with his knee. The more gently you touch, the effect will be more erotic too.

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