77 U.S. Air Force Cadets "struck by" Lightning

No less than 77 cadets, air force reserve (AU) United States (U.S.) was rushed in hospital after they were struck by lightning while practicing in the middle of thunderstorms in the military training center at Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Wednesday (08/06/2011) .

The cadets were placed for two weeks at Camp Shelby, where they practice and prepare themselves in a state like Iraq and Afghanistan, clearly the Mississippi National Guard Maj. Diedre Musgrave.

Two people were taken to hospital by car, bus transported the rest. According to Major Shelby, all the victims in stable condition and responsive.

According to the Forest County emergency operations director, Terry Steed, no one was directly affected when lightning struck a utility pole not far from their tent.

Camp Shelby is the largest U.S. military training center. Every year thousands of military and national guard members from across the U.S. to practice there in preparation for assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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