Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Wine Refinery

The oldest winery has been found in a cave in the mountainous region of Armenia. A vat for squeezing grapes, pitcher for the fermentation, cups, and bowls for drinking aged approximately 6. 100 years ago was found in a cave by a team of international researchers. Similarly, as reported by The Star.

This is the earliest example of wine production is complete, according to Gregory Areshian information from the University of California, Los Angeles, United States. Areshian led the excavations.

"This discovery is the earliest evidence of wine production," said Gregory.

The discovery, announced by the National Geographic Society, published by the online edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

In Armenia the same region is also the site of the discovery of the oldest leather shoes, which was 5,500 years ago. The discovery in the area known as 'Areni-1', which is found in last summer.

According to archaeologists, in the cave there is a small basin measuring approximately 3 feet that is intended to dry wine to put in a large vat.

The basin may be used to squeeze grapes with their feet, a traditional method of extortion over the centuries.

The scientists also discovered that grape seeds which the manifold Vitis vinifera vinifera, the type of grape used to make wine.

Because the ancient wine-making is surrounded by the graves, so the scientists concluded that the wine is consumed for the sake of religious ceremonies.

Not only that, it looked like a wine storage containers that are also found around the Mediterranean region. The findings were published in the journal's online edition of the Journal of Archaeological Science.

Large-scale wine production wine shows utilization of Eurasia successfully exploited locally, said McGovern who also wrote the book Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Wine, Berra and Other alcoholic Beverages.

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