ViewSonic Releases Android 7 Inch Tablet

ViewSonic has recently announced a new tablet PC 7-inch. Although Google has released Android Honeycomb made ​​specifically for the tablet, ViewSonic chose Froyo Android 2.2.

In fact, the specifications of the tablet is quite capable. As quoted from Softpedia, Tuesday (07/06/2011), named ViewBook ​​730 tablets will be supported single-core processor ARM Cortex-A8-speed 1GHz.

7-inch screen that is used has a resolution of 800x480 pixel technology based on the results of the development company called RiteTouch. With this, users will be easier to write using a pen.

"On the tablet market, there are many solutions to choose from. We recognize the need for a tablet that offers a perfect multimedia experience with the proportion of value is very affordable," said Vice President of Business Development at ViewSonic, Michael Holstein.

ViewBook ​​730 will be fully integrated with Amazon's app store. Some popular applications like Twitter, MP3 Music Downloader, YouTube, and Amazon.com is already available so that users do not need to download again.

Speaking of data storage capacity, this product has an internal memory of 8GB. A microSD slot is also provided with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

ViewBook ​​730 will be available on the market at the end of June 2011. Price for could have a tablet PC is 249.99 U.S. dollars.


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