GM makes Robots To Explore Space NASA Astronaut

Space mission for this must be done full precision and caution due to radiation exposure in space directly without a hitch. An astronaut must also follow strict procedures and use special clothing to be safe for running the NASA space center work diligently to create a humanoid robot astronaut. This sophisticated robot possibility someday, will replace human tasks when running dangerous missions in space.

However, in future it might not have to worry about. When the need for increasingly complex space exploration, robot much help replace human work in space. This vision will be realized the U.S. space agency (Nasa) by cooperating with General Motors. Both agreed to work together to develop a robot astronaut that could be used to perform high-risk missions and dangerous.

"Our challenge now is to make machines that can help humans work and explore space," said Mike Coats, director of the Johnson Space Center reported by Computerworld. NASA's Laboratory had already designed a robot astronaut named Robonaut working with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Robonaut was made 10 years ago and is designed to make space exploration much.

The robot, developed with GM will be named Robonaut2. The robot will be designed with the latest technologies and capabilities that much better like a humanoid robot, including the ability to touch gently and small items as well as the extra strength necessary to push or lift.

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