Stylish Limousine Beach Cruise Luxury Yacht

A unique idea is described by Sweden Gray Design who designed the car with the concept interesting.

Limousine Beach Cruiser Concept is a car that combines the aura of luxury limousine, crossover and yachts. In accordance with designs such as ships, vehicles used for the tourists who are traveling around the coast.

This car was used by hotel chains to deliver a premium guest to the beach. Vehicles capable of carrying six passengers are equipped with luxurious amenities.

Equipped with a canvas roof, which can be opened and closed, and seats wrapped in Alcantara leather and crystal ornaments swarovsky combined. Also equipped with 15 speakers powered 1100-watt Naim artificial.

Berpenggerak AWD car is equipped with mechanical heart implanted Chevrolet engine capacity of 6.0 liter V8 capable of producing power 400 hp with a maximum speed of 220 hp.


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