PCX Honda Thailand, 4 Wheel Concept

Honda Owner PCX, definitely glad to this news. View topic listened to this modification. Especially if that rider is also a four-wheel enthusiasts modif flow Mugen output. That right, change the concept car that made ​​home modifications from Jepun.

The concept is simple! Just play shades of paint and change the supporting part. No need to play all the body kit. Who performed the first time, that is changing the body color paint shades commonly applied Mugen.

Alloy red-white color and black-gold must meet plastered all over his body. This color is, indeed characterize filmed by Mugen. By sharpening detail, a sticker bearing the name of the house contained a circular modif that participate in the whole rim.

The more stable again, racing-style stainless steel exhaust with models extending from Mugen. Participate replaces the standard exhaust is so innate motor Bike of the Year in MOTOR Plus Award 2010. Plus, leather seats also replaced a similar theme, the dominant red.

Overall, the look is more memorable racing PCX elegant. and modif relatively simple concept. Because change is not up to the main body is much less cut and added chassis.

Source : ONet

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