FBI Memo Re-opening Alien Roswell Mystery

WASHINGTON- Confidential memo which was released on the internet by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) became evidence for the landing - an accident or arrest - a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico, with three dead aliens in it in July 1947.
Memo titled "Flying Saucer" was written by FBI agent Guy Hottel. Old memo that he was already decades, and published in "storage" FBI. Citing the testimony of a U.S. Air Force investigators, the memo says, "Three pieces flying saucer is found in New Mexico."
The memo was also mentioned that the investigators provide information to a specific agent. About the flying saucer, Hottel said, "(The dishes flew it) depicted a round with a higher middle section and a diameter of approximately 50 feet (15.2 meters), each containing three human-shaped creature's body, but the sheer only 3 feet (91 centimeters). "
Immediately flooded with news media about the alien sightings. A number of headlines mentioning the arrest of a flying saucer containing three alien lifeless. Then circulated the photographs of three similar tangible human beings, but shorter following the autopsy reports of three of these bodies.
Hottel newly revealed memo also states that the alien was found in the flying saucer. According to the memo, the three "wearing a metallic dress with a very good texture. Each of the bodies wrapped in such a way similar to the uniform that can be lit in the dark who used the test pilot."
Initially, the U.S. military released a statement calling rumors of alien sightings in New Mexico became fact with the fall of the flying saucer.
"A lot of rumors about flying saucers became reality yesterday when the intelligence agency of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Air Force Base Roswell, lucky to get a flying saucer," said the U.S. military.
The news spread fast and directly states that the U.S. military has captured alien creatures who often visit the area. The news ignited a fear of aliens and alien invasion theory.
But, the U.S. military hastily withdraw his statement and say that the flying saucer with three alien creatures in it that was only "airship" that fell in the region. Although the issue immediately subsided, the theory of the government's efforts to cover up an alien landing directly emerged strongly in the 1970s. Many are convinced that the U.S. government cover-up alien issue is to prevent public panic. Since then, there are no clear guidelines to deal with a strange new problem.
Hottel Memo states, no further investigation of the incident. Although the Air Force investigators to submit information to an undercover agent.
Explanation Hottel said that flying saucers were probably shot down or crashed on landing.
Roswell Incident forgotten by the people this time, but a strong comeback in the 1970s when researchers re-examine the UFO issue.
In 1978, physicist and ufolog, Stanton T. Friedman interviewed Major Jesse Marcel who was involved in the discovery of a foreign aircraft. Testimony of Marcel spread quickly and are depicted in some UFO documentaries at the time.
In February 1980, the National Enquirer interviewed Marcel and again captured national attention and the world about the Roswell incident.
Release of classified documents from FBI records that will surely revive the debate about UFOs. When releasing the document, the FBI said the contents of the memo that was released may not reflect the position and what is believed the FBI.

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