Harley Davidson Sportster Shown With Street Style

In the hands of a builder from Australia named Dylan Robb, massive weight of a Harley-Davidson can be cut into only weighs 162 kg. A motorcycle modification concept future then?

Maybe not just this time only modification alerts motorcycle Harley-Davidson is quite contemporary, but this one is also to be reckoned with, pasalanya This is a work which focuses on cutting weight.

Yes, the owner modification outlets nicknamed Handcrafted Cycles Robb, Dylan Robb, deliberately implemented several custom components such as ultra-light carbon fiber.

So no wonder if the HD Sportster-based motor now weighs 162 kg.

Initial steps were taken after exposing the entire body of motor alerts in 1969 this is a homemade chassis melaburi Gworks Custom Cycles with patterned carbon powder coating. 


Then Dylan also grafting system innate Ducati 916 front suspension is also in-custom.

After making the process blueprint, balance and ported to the standard engine, this dandy man then decided to install a Super E carburetor made by S & S in order to expedite the flow of fuel in accordance with the needs of the machine. But that is no less cool is the use of carbon fiber wheels.

Wheels are actually made for HD V-Rod by Blackstone Tek Product is a bit touched to fit the Brembo berkaliper this motor.

All modifications are done for a noble purpose, it the name Australia in the event AMD World Championship of Bike Building. Shoots beloved side dish arrived. The fruit of this work earned the accolade Dyllan best in the category of Best Bike and Best Engineered in Australia series.

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