Strauss-Kahn's Candidacy for President of France could Ended

Cases of sexual harassment Director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, causing disruption of work Strauss-Kahn, in maintaining the stability of European monetary policy. Even his candidacy for president of France also threatened to fail by this scandal.

As reported, Latimes.com an IMF spokesman told the Associated Press that the first deputy director, John Lipsky, will lead the organization if Strauss-Kahn did not exist.

Over the last four years, Strauss-Kahn, has become managing director of IMF, a 186-nation lending institution with a member who helps oversee the global economy.

In addition to being Director of the IMF, the political career of this man 62 years in France are also fairly bright. Itself has long been a key player in the French Socialist Party and is regarded as a potential candidate to become France's President Nicolas Sarkozy's challenger in elections next May.

But with the capture of Strauss-Kahn in New York by the city police, his attempt to become President of France can be ended. Even if he is acquitted on charges of sexual harassment, could be a dream to become the number one French person could fail to materialize. Now he faces a much more difficult battle is to save the reputation and what was left of his career.

Even a French politician, Dominique Paille, said Strauss-Kahn's dream to become President of France is rendered problematic given the long process that must be passed during the investigation. Paille said, a process that is run could take many months and it will take a chance that Strauss-Kahn to prepare mennjadi President.

"When he was free from prosecution, he could return to the political arena. But if he came back four or five months later, he's hard to be a presidential candidate," said Paille.

As reported by AP, also similar comments in a tone burst from the French political observer said Strauss-Kahn's political career had ended with the sexual abuse scandal that befell him.

"I think his political career is over. He has another scandal. I do not see how he will rise again," said political observer, Philippe Martinat

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