4 Healthy Habits to Get Great Sex

A healthy lifestyle and great sex always go together. If you crave sex activity normal lura, begin to have a lifestyle and healthy habits.

As quoted from Sheknows, Dr. Eric Braverman, author of 'Younger (sexier) You' encourage you to familiarize with the four healthy lifestyle habits. Anything?

1. Eating yogurt
In addition to delicious and refreshing, yogurt also has benefits for your sex life. Yogurt is believed to increase sex drive and contains proteins that are good for increasing metabolism. So, be sure to eat one cup of low fat yogurt each day.

2. Many drinking water
Get used to drinking lots of water throughout the day. Water works to cleanse your digestive system, food particles move quickly so make your weight is maintained. But interestingly, the body well hydrated is a body with a lubricant that is also good, therefore water can make the activity much more comfortable having sex.

3. Frequent exercise
Sports can serve as an aphrodisiac because it makes the body release endorphins. Help produce the hormone testosterone, which can make increased libido partner. People who exercise regularly are more easily aroused and reach orgasm than those without.

4. Often exposed to sun exposure
Did you know? Only with 20 minutes of basking in the sun without sunscreen in the morning can increase the production of skin pigment melanin which is useful to 'warm up' your libido. So start to do more outdoor activities.  

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