Tornado Kills Hundreds of People in U.S.

A storm of tornadoes killed at least 119 people in small towns Joplin, Missouri, USA, Sunday (22/05/2011), reported local media. Other reports said the death toll was at least 30 people and is expected to continue to grow. The latest storm came less than a month after a series of previous storm that hit and destroyed the southeastern U.S..

As reported to the Daily The Springfield News-Leader reported that Ryan Nicholls from the office of emergency services in the Springfield-Greene County confirmed the death toll at as many as 119 people. Joplin, which is located just a few miles from the border of Kansas and Oklahoma, a "target" was a tornado, the paper reported.

"Home Depot has been flattened. Walmart, gas stations, buildings were destroyed. Everywhere I could see the heavy damage or destruction," said John Miller, a freelance photographer for the News-Leader. "I see firefighters and paramedics pulled a young girl out of the car at Home Depot," said Miller. "The ruins of the building had fallen on the car."

The tornado struck less than a month earlier after a series of tornadoes have caused 354 people died in seven U.S. states.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a state of emergency and activate National Guard troops in response to what he described as "significant damage in many areas, including Joplin, where a tornado struck the St. John's Regional Medical Center."

"This hurricane has caused widespread damage in Missouri and will continue to cause significant risk to the life and property," Nixon said in a statement on Sunday night. He added, "As a state, we exert every institution and the resources available to keep Missouri families safe, look for the missing, and provide emergency medical care."

Nixon warned that the storm had not yet passed. "I urge the citizens of Missouri to continue to monitor the latest weather information carefully and follow the instructions and warnings from emergency personnel because of this deadly storm continues to move through our country," he said



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