Uncertainty Economic Recovery, World Stocks Back Down

World stocks fell on Tuesday, along with enthusiasm about the positive economic trend that raises concerns about the U.S. economic recovery Global. It happened after Australia surprised investors with a decision to let the value of interest rate.

Shares of Asian countries previously experienced an increase during the Wall Street crawled out of the habit but are not able to take advantage of their superiority. European markets opened lower in value. U.S. dollar strengthened against the euro and weakened against the yen, while oil prices touched $ 775 per barrel.

Coverage circulating in the U.S. on Monday local time on the offensive in the production of income and personal consumption, adding stronger signs of economic recovery which raised hopes of monthly unemployment figures.

However, investors then many cast slur on the strength of economic recovery after Australia's central bank left its interest rate stagnated at 3.75 percent rate.

Australia became the first developed country berekonomi that raising interest rates since the start of the financial crisis, many of which predict Australia will increase to four times in a row, but Australia would prefer to wait until the impact of steps taken by the country of kangaroos on the past becomes clear.

The more troubling investors, Australia's central bank noted China's efforts to withdraw the stimulus package and fears hit financial health of several countries - a reminder to the two key factors that make the global market has decreased lately.

"Sentiment is currently very vulnerable communities," said Peter Lai, investment manager at DBS Vickers Hong Kong. "Things may market will continue to fluctuate wildly."

Europe followed Asia and also has decreased. Britain's FTSE 100 suffered penuruna 0.3 percent, Germany's DAX declined 0.4 percent, and France's CAC-40 by 0.5 percent. In the U.S., there is a strong indication of the increasing number of sales of shares on Tuesday. Shares S & P slipped 1.9 points, or 0.2 percent, to 1084.40.

Previously a number of Asian markets reversed earlier gains and fell diraup.

Shanghai stock had increased 2 percent, recorded a 0.2 percent decline amid widespread speculation increased the government's initiative to end the loan to the bank.

Kospi of South Korea recorded a decline of 0.7 percent. Markets in India, Taiwan and Singapore also declined.

Japan's Nikkei stock reserves, one of Asia ternaik market, jumped 166.07, or 1.6 percent, to 10371.09. Hong Kong's market closed down 0.1 percent, while Australian shares also recorded a rise.

From the U.S., the Dow Jones stock index rose 15.32, or 1.4 percent, to 1089.19. Shares of Nasdaq rose 23.85, or 1.1 percent, to 2171.20.

U.S. dollar has decreased, from 90.59 yen per dollar to 90.53 yen. Euro weakened slightly to $ 1.3924, from $ 1.3928.

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