Anti-Israel demonstration Exploded in Egypt

More than one million protesters on the Ground Liberation Cairo Egypt has demanded their military rulers to abandon Israel and withdraw the besieged Gaza Strip blockade.
The protesters voiced their anger at the Tel Aviv by burning Israeli flags and demanded the liberation of Palestine.
They promised to defend the citizens of Gaza, which Israel has suffered attacks and a crippling blockade for four years.
Many protesters who headed the U.S. embassy from Liberation Square to protest Israel's deadly offensive against Gaza.
Israeli flag torn to pieces, when protesters tried to fly the Palestinian flag over the Israeli embassy.
The development comes two months after a historic revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak.
The protesters also demanded justice from the former regime's top officials - especially President Mubarak and his family.
They demand the release of political prisoners, the lifting of emergency that has been valid for 30 years and the dissolution of the military court.
Egyptians say they are skeptical about rapid transition towards democracy and civilian rule and insisted that the demonstrations would continue until all their demands met.
Egyptian military has recently promised to lift emergency rule before parliamentary and presidential elections.
The protest was made when people in some Arab countries also hold anti-government protests.
Mubarak's regime toppled by helping to serve the interests of Israel and stand by to murder the people of Gaza.
Egypt has implemented a blockade on Gaza since the Hamas government elected democratically took over control of the territory in 2007. Since then, Israel has implemented a blockade on the region and cause a humanitarian crisis.
A major political parties of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, recently demanded that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of the country to take action to break the blockade of Gaza.
Egypt's political parties said the blockade of Gaza to serve the interests of Israel and the United States and threaten regional stability and independence.
This is while the Israeli government has repeatedly threatened to launch a major new offensive against Gaza.
They said it would be more devastating massacres and deadly than the attack at the end of 2009, which killed 1.400 Palestinians - many of them are women and children.

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