Limit Production, Toyota Loss Unit 120 Thousand Cars

Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will continue a half from his car production plans until at least three next June. Japanese manufacturer is expected to cut production about 120 thousand units of cars.

Previously, one of the world's largest car manufacturer has also announced, 18 factories in Japan will resume operations on April 18 to 27 next, but only 50 percent of normal capacity. After that, Toyota will again stop production on April 28 to May 9 next.

Upon reduction, the winner of this Asian automotive suffered losses of up to 120 thousand units of vehicle, accounting for up to three next June.

As reported by Reuters, the thing that caused the Toyota to reduce production car, due to lack of supply of hundreds of components and spare parts in a number of the manufacturer in northeastern Japan. The impact is a result of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan's Sakura State on 11 March.

Not just Toyota who was affected, a number of major automotive manufacturers such as Honda Motor, Nissan Motor and outside of Asia a few automotive manufacturers like General Motors (GM) also have to stop production of a number of his vehicle.

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