Sex video recorded, Australian Minister for Military Criticism

Australian Defence Minister, Stephen Smith, criticized the way the military in action against the sex video scandal that hit a female cadet. According to him, the Australian military academy cadets, it seems deliberate targeting by holding a disciplinary hearing for violating the other.
"In my opinion totally insensitive and stupid when the trial was held and I've asked the head of the Armed Forces to immediately menyarankan whether it is possible verdict [the case] may be revoked," said Smith, as quoted by news station ABC Online, 6 April 2011.
A 18 year old female cadet had protested after his friend, who is also a fellow cadet, recording the sex scenes they did without the knowledge of himself. The recording was broadcast via the Internet to six other people in the next room. They were undergoing education at the Academy of the Armed Forces of Australia.
That's what makes female cadets feel devastated and traumatized. Smith's sympathy for the woman and assess the incident is a violation of mutual trust. Police were investigating cases of sex video. Smith supports the cadet men who recorded the video that should be dismissed from the academy and there must be action on the scandal.
But what makes Smith's anger, is the female cadet who was not mentioned by name was finally subjected to pressure from their superiors and colleagues. According to the daily The Age, cadets had to give statements apologize for the scandal that has received public attention and to embarrass them.
According to The Australian newspaper, cadet women's dorm room was littered with foam for a razor, who sprayed his friends. They are angry because the video scandal is already known to the public.
In addition, on Wednesday held a disciplinary trial for female cadets in question for other cases. He pleaded guilty to charges filed mengkir duty without leave and liquor minun-March. For Smith, the trial was not necessary.
"The trial, which was held after these events, not only inappropriate and insensitive, and wrong. It is also almost certainly legally flawed," says Smit.

Source : Viva

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