Swiss Unemployment Rate Down, Franc Rebound

 SECO today (08-04) reported an increase in the employment sector in the Swiss economy.

The actual release showed that the indicator Unemployment Rate decreased to 3.3% where previously expected to fall to 3.3% of the value at the last period is 3.4%.

The report shows the performance improvement was responded with increasing interest of investors in the forex market to hold Swissie, so the currency is moving to strengthen the pair CHF / ZAR and was observed to continue rebound after strong pressure by the amount.

Analyst Research Vibiz of Vibiz Consulting suggested that the Swiss franc strengthened significantly observed moving around +0.48% against the rupiah currency in forex trading today.

As for selling Swiss franc exchange rate with the rate of Bank Indonesia in the range of Rp. 9510.22 / CHF and buying rate of about Rp. 9410.03 / CHF.
Source :Vb

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