Stress Not Affect Female Fertility

A recent study reveals the relationship of stress with medication female fertility problems. According to recent studies, stress and tension does not reduce the success of fertility treatment in women.

As quoted from iVillage, a researcher in the UK analyzed data from 14 studies involving 3583 women. The women had been undergoing fertility treatment and are considered to have excessive anxiety before starting therapy.

"These findings should reassure women that the emotional distress caused by fertility problems or other problems of their lives, will not change these women a chance to get pregnant," said Jacky Boivin, a professor of the School of Psychology at Cardiff University, UK.

Health experts say that many women who believe that emotional disturbances can reduce their chances of becoming pregnant naturally. They also think that stress also affects the success of treatment of fertility problems. But researchers say based on evidence found that the assumption is false and a myth.

Reported by ScienceDaily, it can actually interfere with fertility of women is if they are exercising too hard. A study of exercise performed NTNU, Norway involving three thousand women, concluded that exercise is too hard can impair fertility.

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