ABS System Will Become compulsory Features at Motorcycle

For security reasons, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) will likely be a mandatory feature owned by Japanese motorcycle. Component manufacturer Bosch ABS was reportedly being developed for a capacity of 125 cc motorcycles.

So far, the ABS feature is only used in the bike with a capacity large machine, because the size of this feature is not considered a rather large ergonomic and aesthetically when applied in small motors.

But last year, Honda proved that ABS can also be installed. For starters they install these features on the latest CBR250R which became the first 250 cc motorcycle in the world to officially apply for the ABS feature.

And now, the Department of Japanese R & D Bosch is currently developing a smaller ABS feature again. ABS will later be integrated with the front brake lever with adjustments in some parts.

This tiny ABS will be working on the front brake. By naked eye and is arguably as 'miniature' ABS commonly installed in Big Bike . That way, the expected level of safety the use of motorcycles also increased.

Source :  Dtk

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