Did you know First Car Porsche?

Porsche family's first car launched under the brand name of the family on March 17, 1949. Cars Porsche 356 named it for the first time appear in the "Geneva Motor Show" to-19 in Switzerland. Porsche 356 was built by Ferdinand Porsche, who just got out of jail for working for Hitler, and his son Ferry.
This car is a sports version of Porsche's Volkswagen which was designed at the request of Hitler. The car that has a classic design with the engine behind it is very desirable consumers. In 1950, Ferdinand Porsche celebrates its 75th year. At that time his name soared as the sports car maker. His career started to climb when he became an engineer at Mercedes.
He then joined Volkswagen develop and eventually fly in the automotive world with its own flag, Porsche. A year later, Ferdinand had a stroke and never recovered until his death in January 1952. Ferry, the son, built the Porsche Company which evolved into large corporations today.

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