The U.S. - Israel, Design Faked World Arab Revolution

Fake revolution that occurred in Egypt and the overthrow of Arab leaders who long led not caused by people, but the operation of the United States and Israel, thus described by writer Mark Glenn.

In an interview with Press TV, Mark Glenn of Crescent Solidarity Movement and Cross discuss about Arab unrest and foreign policy goals the United States and Israel in the Middle East.

United States and the European Union supported the Arab mediation process, but many people who think that the decision was taken against the crisis in Yemen was already too late and too little.

"In my opinion, offer support for the mediation at this point is just the actions of American and Western theatrical. They plan to make things consistent with their desire to Saleh, and they make him sidelined from power like Mubarak and Ben Ali, while they were trying to find a place in Libya. We need to remember, there are a variety of movement, at least since 2008, to get rid of all these Arab leaders through various democratic movements which received funding from the government of the United States, sometimes number as many as 100 to 150 million dollars, "said Glenn.

"They have a lot invested in this, and do not forget that Hollywood is in America. Our government (the U.S.) are not different from that. They read the script here (the U.S.) and pretend to support Saleh, but in the end they will overthrow him, just like other Arab leaders, "he added.

According to Glenn, concerns about the situation in Yemen are relevant to the one in Egypt.

"Of course such concerns are relevant and have a strong foundation, because there is power, the United States and Israel, which will not allow this country (Yemen) or any other country in the hemisphere (Middle East) fell into the hands of the unwanted. So, though they let people go to the streets today, it does not eliminate the fact that the U.S. and Israel will ensure the government is emerging as a replacement later on is a government that will serve the interests of Israel and America, "said Glenn.

"Remember, two months have been daily demonstrations take place. That means, this raises a very negative economic impact on a country that is already very poor. So, countries that experienced the revolution, like any government that will emerge later on, having to deal with severe economic impacts resulting from the revolution. That means, the earliest action to be taken of the new government into power later on are requesting economic assistance, "said Glenn.

"Who else would provide economic aid if not the West? Thus, the new government will have taken hostage by Western financial interests. We must remember this. Although these revolutions are historical, at the same time Israel and the United States has invested much time , money, and resources to ensure the state in line with their interests, "he added.

Glenn added, "They're going to see serious efforts for hundreds of years removed simply because there are several million people flooded the streets in various countries. We'll see what happens in Egypt, his revolt did not happen. The army was in power and asked people to return to work and go from streets. "

"The only thing that changes only the removal of a leader, that's all. No changes are happening and people of Egypt are now beginning to understand this. This is why there are many ketidakpupasan on the streets in Egypt. We must remember, and I do not like to be the one who should say this, that Israel and America will not let things like this happen without any influence, "says Glenn.

Regarding the issue of al-Qaeda in Yemen, Glenn said, "We must remember that any instability in the countries hit by street protests, such a state is likely exploited groups like al-Qaeda. So, the fact is, the United States allow this happens, all this instability and basically created the circumstances that allow exploitation of a rally. U.S. let the instability occurs. Things like that should happen so that the U.S. can exercise control to be made to these countries. "

"The rulers are old and dying, while the demographics in the Middle East, half the population is aged under 24 years old. The most feared U.S., Israel and Western countries is a grassroots revolution in these countries, as happened in Iran in 1979. In so many press releases have said repeatedly that they are not going to let that happen in Iran occurred in Arab countries. So, all they do is prevent the occurrence of such a revolution by creating their own revolution, "said Glenn .

Glenn added. "A New York Times article earlier last week basically admit there is such a revolution is happening. It is said that at least in Egypt and Tunisia, the United States government planned revolt since 2008."

"I have no doubt that the people of Yemen and the people in the Middle East thirst for freedom. There is no question about it. That is the real action, they want to be free. The question is, successful or not and whether the United States and Israel will let it happen," said Glenn.

"That is the question. In the end, if the objective of the United States and Israel just to get rid of the rulers without any substantial change in that hemisphere (Middle East), particularly related to the purpose of American foreign policy and Israel, then we will only see the ruler who was ousted, not more . Of course, there might be a miracle and the revolution succeeded. We see that happening in Iran in 1979 and the U.S. and Israel are not happy with the outcome. If they can change the situation at the time, they will do it, "added Glenn.

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