Camera diameter 1 MM, World's Smallest

No matter how small cameras that can you imagine? 5cm? 2cm? Apparently an Israeli based company, Medigus, managed to create the world's smallest video camera with a diameter of less than 1mm.

Super mini video camera is designed specifically for medical purposes and made of safe materials and methods based TSV (Through Silicon Via), so it is possible miniaturization and cost saving.

This camera is designed for endoscopic devices used to diagnose diseases and surgery of the body are difficult to detect by a larger camera.

This camera has a sensor is 0.66 x0, 66 mm CMOS embedded and have a fairly high resolution images, 45,000 pixels. This camera uses a digital video processor system created by Medigus own and the price (he said) is not expensive.

By Medigus, this camera will be out on the market the next few weeks, especially U.S. and Japanese companies that manufacture devices for cardiologists.


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