Earthquake 7.3 SR Shaken Alaska

Earthquakes measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale occurred around the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, United States, on Thursday evening, June 23, 2011. Earthquake tsunami potential, thus making the residents in the small island of panic running to higher ground.

According to the Information Center for Alaskan earthquake, earthquake point located approximately 196 km east of the city of Atka, and 1931 miles west of Anchorage. The quake occurred at a depth of 41 km.

Spokesman Security Department and the U.S. Emergency Situations said Jeremy Zidek, the earthquake that occurred during the 20 seconds it can be felt throughout the island and the Aleutians to the Dutch port of Unalaska. No damage or casualties were reported due to the earthquake.

Tsuami Warning Center West Coast and Alaska issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas shortly after the quake. But this warning was revoked one hour later.

Locals, Rodney Jones, said hundreds of residents scurrying to higher ground immediately so a tsunami alarm sounded. They gather on a hill for an hour. During the wait, the local priest led the prayers.


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