Earthquake Return hits New Zealand City

Christchurch today again hit by an earthquake. The second largest city in New Zealand was rocked by two earthquakes, which occurred within 90 minutes of time difference.

According to the news station CNN, quoting a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the first earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter Scale (SR). The quake's epicenter is located 9 km from the east-southeast of Christchurch and berkedalaman 11 km.

One half hour following, aftershocks occur with greater power, 6.0SR. Epicenter located about 13 km north-northeast at a depth of 9 km Chirstchurch.

There are no reports of casualties, although there have been several minor injuries. However, local police officials said the quake was quite strong.

The security forces immediately evacuate parts of the business after reports that the quake was feared to have caused the gas line leaks. Some bridges were closed.

The authorities and the community in Christchurch is still traumatized by the earthquake that occurred last February. Appears lunchtime, SR 6.3 quake that killed more than 180 inhabitants.

Based on geological surveys, Christchurch and a number of other regions in New Zealand are always vulnerable to earthquake-stricken. 

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