NATO Admits Killed Libya Civilians

NATO soldiers admitted that they had killed several civilians in an attack on Libya densely populated settlements in Tripoli, Sunday, June 19, 2011. They say that the damage that causes fire weapons systems do not lead to the right.

Quoted from the pages of the Los Angeles Times, the attack on Sunday morning that destroyed an apartment. Overwrite ruins home residents who were asleep at that time. Reported dozens of homes destroyed, the death toll reached nine people and wounded 18 people.

NATO said the attack was supposed to be targeting a military facility, but strayed into human habitation. "There may be damage to the weapon system, which causes the killing of civilians," NATO said in a statement.

Initially argued that NATO attacks aimed at destroying the Libyan military facilities that are used to demolish the citizens. The attack is also intended to make the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, came out of hiding.

"NATO regrets civilian casualties and will work better in an attack against a regime that uses violence against its people," said the NATO commander in Libya, Charles Bouchard.

This is the first time NATO acknowledge the error of their party. However, NATO denied that they were targeting civilians and said "every mission was planned and carried out very carefully to avoid civilian casualties."

NATO said troops Gaddafi often use the mosques and playgrounds to disguise the location of their weapons. Libyan troops also no longer use the tanks and armored vehicles but a pickup truck to outwit the forces of NATO and coalition.


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