Brutal shootings in Norway

News of a bomb blast in downtown Oslo made a number of teens who are following the Labour Party meeting on the island of Utoya restless. They immediately made an emergency meeting for fundraising help. While they felt safe when he heard a police officer arrived to provide protection and assistance.

About two hours later, gunfire disrupt everything. A man wearing a sweater with the symbol of the brutal police gunfire directed toward the participants in that meeting. "You must all die," says one victim, Adrian Pracon, imitating the cries of terror, as quoted by Sky News website.

Pracon still hard to forget the incident in which a number of his colleagues fell covered with blood. While he and a number of other participants running toward the beach and the trees to save themselves. "His condition is very chaotic, people were jumping window, ran in all directions, screaming hysterically."

Pracon could swim out to sea, but eventually decided to return to shore because the water is very cold. Some colleagues who had also returned to swim away for fear of freezing to death. Arriving at the beach, the terrorists are still in power. Still brutal shots directed at everyone in sight.

Pracon sought refuge behind his partner's body is probably dead at that time. "She came and stood three feet above me, I could feel his breath and I could feel his shoes and I already feel like a shot right in my back."

"I'm still on my stomach as he approached and checked whether I was dead. Luckily I did not move then, so he thought I was dead," said Pracon are still undergoing treatment in hospital. "For me, not the physical injuries that have hurt me, but the loss of many close friends and relatives," he said.

The man behind the sweater police was later known as Behring Anders Breivik. In addition to brutal firing, killing over 85 people on the island Utoya, he is also responsible for the bomb blast that killed seven people instantly and injuring dozens of people in Oslo. "I do not think there are people desperate Norway heinous act like this," said Pracon.

Based on documents seized police, the man's 32-year action plan since a few years ago. He described the figure as an extremist right-wing, fundamentalist Christian, anti-Islamic, anti-Marxism, anti-immigrant, and anti-multiculturalism.

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