Riots in London, 215 People Arrested

Riots in London, England widespread. The riots that occurred since the last three days creep up to North London.

As reported by the website bbc.co.uk, looting shops happening everywhere. The burning of shops, buildings, and cars also occurred in areas such as Croydon, Hackney, Lewisham and Peckham. Meanwhile, police clashed with youths.

At least 215 people arrested in connection the riot, 25 of them accused of rioting in London in the last two days.

This unrest stems from public protests over the shooting of a young man, Mark Duggan (29) by the police while holding a rally at Tottenham on Saturday. The incident sparked protests from hundreds of people that led to the riots.

Previously, according to an eyewitness, the riots were quite tense. Buildings are burning, coupled with a voice above the roar of police helicopters, making the atmosphere more tense. Aljazeera page describes the situation exactly like a war zone.

Widens the intensity of the riots also affected by the news which spread on social networking sites. Family members and colleagues Mark Duggan, who died in police hands last week, sending an invitation in their Twitter account.


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