Shiite mosque Burned in Belgium, 1 dead

A man was killed and another wounded in a case of burning of a Shiite mosque in Brussels, Belgium, the afternoon local time. Arsonists have been detained by the authorities.

Citing Al-Jazeera television station, Tuesday, March 13, 2012, the Mayor of Anderlecht, Vincent Van Goidsenhoven, said the mosque on fire after the perpetrators threw Molotov cocktails. According to eyewitnesses, the fire immediately spread and devour the mosque quickly.

"The mosque was almost completely burned," said police spokeswoman, Marie Verbeke. Arsonists, the details are not published, was arrested at the scene.

The death toll was 47 years old man who became the imam at the mosque. Suspected cause of death due to inhaling too much smoke. A congregation rushed to the hospital, also due to smoke inhalation.

Local police received reports of a fire Monday at 18:45 local time. The bodies of the priests that it was burned only be released 45 minutes later.

Shiite mosques burned is contained in the largest Muslim immigrant population in the surrounding area of international railways in Brussels. 


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