Chernobyl Radiation imprint on German Pigs

Until recently, German boar can not just consumed. Containing radioactiveTo know the power of radioactive radiation of a nuclear power that is leaking, look at German boar. Although it has been a quarter century of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy in the Soviet Union gone, the radiation is still lasting thousands of kilometers in Germany.
Because of strong radiation, wild boar in Germany is not advisable to eat. And the boar food, such as mushrooms, also can not be consumed because both contain radioactive elements that exceed the normal threshold.
German pig breeding in the forest which is located 1,500 kilometers from Chernobyl. However, the levels of radioactive cesium-137 in pig tissues are tens of times above the normal threshold for consumption. "We still feel the consequences of Chernobyl here," said Christian Kueppers, a radiation expert from the Institute of Applied Ecology, Germany, at Freiburg.

"Contamination has not disappeared-radioactivity will decrease only slightly from year to year."
Contamination of cesium in the body can increase the risk of cancer. But researchers who study the Chernobyl have not found an increased cancer associated with cesium.
Cesium is collected on the ground, so hard to avoid wild boar. They sniff the soil to find food including mushrooms to be contaminated.
The problem, the German people love this wild pig meat. Poaching was still rife that the Government needs to check the levels of radiation result of this game. Pigs are contaminated, must be destroyed. The government then replace losses, which each year even reached Rp 6 billion.
"How sad when I have to throw away meat that actually taste great," said Joachim Reddemann, executive director of the Association of Bavarian Hunter.
German pig not the only one affected by this effect. In France that much further from Chernobyl, contamination also occurred despite continued to decline. Now very rare to find dangerous levels of cesium in the pig and French mushrooms, radiation experts said France, Philippe Renaud.
In Austria, also left behind traces of radioactive cesium in the soil. In addition to pork and mushrooms, deer are also affected.
And now, Japan must learn from these three countries after several nuclear reactors in Fukushima leak. Currently, Japan has issued a ban on eating food products that are produced within a radius of 30 kilometers from the plant that leaked due to the earthquake and tsunami. The Associated Press

Source : Vivanews

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