Church of Rome, Surprised by Pope Panic Film.

Roman Catholic Church condemned a film about the Pope's prone to panic that unwittingly pushed into the papacy and had to hire a psychiatrist to help him.

Traditionalist group said that 'Habemus Papam' (we have a pope), by an Italian director Nanni Moretti, are instruments of Satan, and especially offensive because it was released before Easter ( Good Friday ).

Bruno Volpe, Catholic lawyer, has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Moretti and the producers under the Lateran Pact, which provides equal protection of the prestige of the Pope with the Italian president.

Volpe said that even though the film never mentions the name of the current pope, it is clear that it is a parody of Pope Benedict XVI and the figure of the Pope's insulting in general.

Salvatore Izzo, a Vatican expert, label Moretti's work was not polite and boring in an open letter to Avvenire, the newspaper Catholic bishop.

He said that Catholics should boycott the film, which opened in Italy on Friday (22 / 4) and will participate in competition at Cannes.

"Why should we financially support a movie that offend our religion?" he asked, while recognizing that he has not watched the movie.

Antonio Vacca, bishop of Alghero, described Moretti as an instrument of Satan to separate man from God.

Gerardo Pierro, archbishop of Salerno, said the launch of a similar film in a Muslim country will cause burning of cinema and an assassination attempt against the director for blasphemy.

"I think a lot of people who take advantage of tenderness traditional Catholics, who are often misunderstood by ignorance or resignation," said Pierro.

This is probably the last thing needed by Pope Benedict in the midst of scandal. Pope is currently under attack from all sides due to charges of helping cover up the pedophile priest, and with some critics calling for his resignation.

Moretti says that his new movie that contains the core of a painful but wrapped in shades of light. According to the newspaper La Repubblica, one scene shows a room full of cardinals who swayed to the rhythm of a song of Argentina, while spending time during the election of the Pope. The title of the movie, Habemus Papam, derived from the words spoken by the cardinals who introduced the new Pope into the crowd in St. Peter's Field.

To create the film build artificial Moretti Sistine chapel at Cinecitta studios in Rome. Other scenes were taken in the Palazzo Farnese, which was home to the French embassy. it is very offensive, ahead of the Easter celebration (Good Friday )

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