Playstation 3 ? Do you Know Who Created the Playstation?

Do you know?

Playstation history began in 1988 when Sony and Nintendo are working together to develop the Super Disc. Super disc will be CD-ROM attachment that is intended to be part of Nintendo's soon to be released Super Nintendo games. However, Sony and Nintendo parted business-wise and the Super Disc was never introduced or used by Nintendo. In 1991, Sony uses a modified version of the Super Disk as part of their new game consoles - Sony's Playstation. Research and development for the PlayStation had began in 1990, led by Sony engineers, Ken Kutaragi.

PLAYSTATION inventor of that that is "KEN KUTARAGI", HE'S KNOWN AS "Father of PlayStation"

Ken Kutaragi (Ken Kutaragi?, Born on August 8, 1950) is a former chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), the video game division of Sony Corporation. He was known as the "Father of PlayStation", and its successors and spinoffs, including the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 3.
Kutaragi was closely watched by financial analysts who trace profiles of the losses and gains of Sony Corporation. It has been associated with high-profit revenue PlayStation franchise for Sony, it has become a major source of profit for the company.
Current CEO Ken Kutaragi Cellius. He also established a new Internet company.
Sony Corporation today has issued a Playstation 3, as expected after the success of previous products, this 3 plystation will be able to compete in the gaming world today.

hmmm would you buy a playstation 3?

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