Did you know, How long Age of Earth?

 You'll often celebrate anniversaries, birthdays either relatives, friends, parents or loved ones. However, do you know the age of the Earth where we live?

Measurements made since the 18th century based on the level of cooling the Earth. Age of the Earth is very underrated, even many who think the age of the Earth is only about hundreds of thousands of years.

Later, famous scientists like Charles Darwin to guess the age of the Earth. He guessed the age of the Earth is 306.7 million years. In addition, Lord Kelvin also made some suggestions regarding the age of the Earth in the span of hundreds of millions of years and is a moderate improvement.

The ability accurately to determine the age of the Earth evolved with an understanding of radioactive decay. Earth formed from the debris remaining sun was born. Radioactive substances releases subatomic particles at very stable.

Sometimes the age of an object can be determined by comparing the current level of radioactive material with the original amount should be. Uranium is a natural radioactive element which is very understandable.

In 1953 scientists measured the ratio of uranium in samples of ancient rocks, with scientists to find out the age of the Earth who have reached the age of 4.5 to 4.6 billion years old. Estimation of this that has so far survived.

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