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How to Process a Dream?

Dream is closely related to sleep. The occurrence of what he dreamed a dream and sometimes becomes an intriguing question, so you'll want to know what happens when we sleep.

Each fall asleep, we generally must have been dreaming. Within 8 hours of sleep, the average person experiencing the dream as long as 100 minutes. However, most of which occurs not remember dreams. There are about 95% of dreams are not remembered. Dreams occur during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) of a sleep cycle. While we remember the dream that dreams usually occur a few moments before getting up from sleep.

Why Dreaming?

What causes us to experience the dream is the brain. As a center of activity, the brain always got a message from the five senses and regulates the activities of what will be done at the time did not sleep. For example, the brain translates brown wall color, the brain helps to recognize the taste of the food eaten, and many other roles of the brain.

During sleep, the five senses of your body does not work, but the brain still works, even the brain are more active when we are dreaming than when we wake up and move. Therefore, the brain can create images of the imagination without any sensory role. This is a dream.

Interestingly, during dreaming, muscles in the inactive state, preventing us to play what is experienced in dreams. Although, the dream seemed very real but with non-functioning muscle menciderai help us not to themselves or others.

What a dream last night?

What caused me to dream like that? Maybe it's a question that is on your mind when dreaming about something. What will we dream depends on several things. Impression and of great impression on our memory when no sleep can be one factor. Routines which we live also can cause it to be our dream. For example, office work hard to make us dream about work.

Sometimes, we get a dream about the solution of problems faced. For example, we dream about the answer to an exam. This is evidence that during sleep, the thought process can still take place.

Dreams are often regarded as a flower bed really is something unique that accompany sleep. Activities sleep itself is very important to repair the body's cells, removing substances that are not useful for the body and restore the brain. Reorganisai ongoing brain and mental repair activity during dream sleep or REM sleep. That is why, if you lack sleep, your mind feels chaotic. So, sleep and dreams can refresh your mind. Congratulations to sleep soundly and enjoy your beautiful dream!

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