Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Read the Al qur'an Every Day

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, claimed to read the Al-qur'an every day even though he was Catholic. This is done so that he understands and can understand other faiths. So reported the Daily Mail on Monday (6/13/2011).

Blair was known to be difficult and would not discuss the issue of religion when he was still serving as prime minister. However, since he left office and the office of Downing Streets in 2007, Blair was more open to talk about the importance of religion.

Blair converted from Anglican to Catholicism after leaving office, speaking openly that he read the Al-qur'an every day.

"I read the Quran every day. This is part of understanding what is happening in this world. But most important is this because it is very instructive," said Blair.

According to Blair, he has knowledge of religion can provide input on the current position as ambassador (Ambassador) Middle East quartet of the UN, U.S., EU, and Russia. Blair's task is to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.


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